Why are you petitioning for an extension?

On Tuesday September 25, 2018 The Isle of Palms City Council (our Landlord) voted to place the Morgan Creek Grill lease of the restaurant property out for a public Request for Proposal. Our current lease will expire in 2020.

The City Council has made it clear that they want to serve the island residents first and foremost.

We feel that we have served both the island residents and our off-island patrons well for the past 16 years and would like to continue.

The petition is a means to find out what is on your minds.

What are the terms of the lease?

We would like to negotiate a 15-year lease extension. Our current lease expires in 2020.

Is it at fair market value and triple net?

Yes. According to an independent appraiser, our current lease is fair to both parties. We would like an extension as well as negotiating potential additional amendments.

We appreciate your feedback. We strive to bring only the best to you, the Island residents and guests. Without your comments we can’t improve. Thank you for your feedback.