please help morgan creek grill ensure a lease extension

Over the past four years, Morgan Creek Grill has worked extensively with the City of Isle of Palms (our landlord) to negotiate a lease extension.

We're asking the City to grant us a 15-year triple net lease extension. This is typical for any restaurant to remain in business and continue serving all patrons with food and entertainment in a family-friendly environment.

If you love Morgan Creek Grill and would like to support us, please sign our petition. We look forward to continuing to serve you and appreciate your endorsement.


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Isle of Palms Residents: Please Contact Our City Council members
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If you would like to speak directly to our Isle of Palms City Council members, their contact information is listed below.

Let them know you how you feel about Morgan Creek Grill and that you want our lease extension to be approved.

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Randy Bell 843-822-0152

Ryan Buckhannon 843-224-0667

Jimmy Carroll 843-452-1200

Sandy Fercenz 843-709-9595

Ted Kinghorn 703-203-1238

John Moye 843-566-2013

Carol Rice 843-754-3841

Susan Hill Smith 843-270-9947

Jimmy Ward 843-886-6218