For music booking please read all of this page before filling out the form below or emailing us at with EPK or a link to your website.
All musicians are required to return a W9  within 24 hrs of being offered a date in order to confirm that date. We will email you a blank w9 to fill out if you are offered a date. 
You can use to send secure documents or just email it back to us.

You must have an EPK (Electronic Presskit) to be considered or your website must contain the following:

  • MP3's of three songs and/or video
  • At least one photo
  • Contact name and cell phone number of someone traveling with the band
  • Your email address

Name *
Phone Number *
Phone Number

ALL SHOWS ARE WEATHER PERMITTING (This is an outdoor stage)

We make the call the day of the show by 1pm for local bands and noon for traveling bands.  If we cancel by 12 or 1pm, there is no compensation, you should contact us if there is questionable weather.  We will make every effort to contact you by email as well as the contact # you provide at time of booking.  You are compensated according to your confirmation email if you have to stop performance for inclement weather.

This is a tourist driven, family restaurant. We require 50-75% cover material. WE LIMIT BANDS TO 4 PIECES .

We have music on the weekends only:  March & April- Fri/Sat.   May - Oct.- Fri-Sun.

*While dinner is provided for each member of a band- you may only order from the Creekside Menu  AND you must eat either before your show or after your show. There is no time on the breaks to do so. We do not pay for alcohol.

SETS are 45 min. Breaks are 15 minutes only. You are not to skip a break and have a 30 minute break later.



We prefer to keep it as Acoustic as possible but if you are using amplifiers; Bass amps and Electric Guitar amps must go direct into mixer or hang a Mic if no direct line. Bands must provide their own mics, mic stands and cables for mic, instruments. There are 4 Direct Boxes available if needed as well as 2 microphones for Bass & Electric guitar amps. Our stage is 18' 7" at it's widest across the front and angles back like an amphitheater.

NO ACOUSTIC DRUM KITS-HAND DRUMS ONLY - CAJON, JEMBE, CONGAS, you supply the mic for these- ONLY EXCEPTION IS ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT. BASS AMPS must be small, NO LARGER THAN 10" or 12" speakers. GUITAR AMPS should be small as well.




If you have specific questions about our system please contact our Sound Shaman: Chris Blackwell :

All Sound Checks should be FINISHED 30 minutes before show time. CHRIS BLACKWELL will be onsite when you arrive. ALL SHOWS ARE 5:30-8:30pm, (except Oyster Roasts) ALL LOAD IN TIMES ARE 4:00 (except solos & Oyster Roasts). Solo load in is 4:30pm. OYSTER ROASTS SHOW TIME: 4-8PM. Load In times for Oyster Roasts -2:30pm.


our pa system & pay Scale

Mains: 2 One Systems 208CIM All Weather Speakers Flown front stage. In addition there are 8 Bose all weather speakers positioned around the yard and in the ground with separate volume zone controls.

Monitors: 3 One Systems 208CIM All Weather Speakers Flown

Mixing Console: Allen & Heath QU-PAC X32 digital mixer, run from iPad

Lights: 8 Digital FlatPacs & Digital Light Bar in ceiling

Pay scale: Solo-150, duo-250, trio-300, 4pc-400 (negotiable in some instances) 


The Wintertide Acoustic Series

Every January we host The Wintertide Acoustic Series- Songwriter’s in the Round Showcase. This is the ONLY TIME WE HAVE ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC IN A LISTENING ROOM ENVIRONMENT. It is held on the upper deck,  the last 3 Fridays of January, 7-10pm, 3 Artists per night, $100 per Artist. Booking starts in November for this series.